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SMART - Advice on Contractual Matters

Most businesses will run into difficulties at one time or another connected with contractual arrangements with their trading partners. Understanding the written terms (See Terms and Conditions – Advice) is only a starting point to resolving some of the problems which can arise.

Contractual MattersMore often than not you simply can’t afford to fall out with customers and suppliers, but trading relationships can be put under huge pressure if problems take a while to resolve. SMART offers you the opportunity to step away personally from any of these more difficult circumstances. All you have to do is brief us and our highly trained staff will use decades of high-level, hands on experience in dispute resolution to identify innovative solutions quickly for you. In doing this we try to achieve the best possible outcome for you (our client) whilst always trying to preserve the business relationship for you with the counter-party.

We can negotiate for you without the complication of personal relationships getting in the way and without the risk of emotions running high. We don’t always do what seems obvious; we look for different angles to explore because we look at life from a commercial point of view and try to take the heat out of the situation whenever we can.

So if you need advice on Contractual Matters or for a quote on a bespoke set of Terms and Conditions of trade Contact Us to see how SMART can assist you.

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